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140723 Junho’s fancafe message

Title: What are you doing.

Hello Hottest. This is Junho.

How are doing this hot summer? You’re dying to see us, right?

I’m sorry. I’m not making fun of you. We want to greet you all from up stage soon too T.T
Lately we’ve been preparing this and that a lot.

2PM comeback is accelerating, everyone is trying to make this album perfect, recording and all.

Every member is giving his best.

Minjunie hyung is done with the Japanese solo activities, and he’s working on more songs,

Khun-hyung is shooting a drama in China, and also comes back to Korea for recording.

Taecyeonie hyung is shooting his drama every week, and keeps on writing songs and recording,

Wooyoungie is doing well, filming variety show and composing songs.

Chansungie also says he’s preparing something.

I am in the middle of a concert tour in Japan after having released the 2nd album FEEL. I’ve just had 6 concerts, and 6 more are left.

I’m having the last encore concert at Budokan, I want to show the same performance in Korea too!!

I’m starting to film for Twenty next week. In the midst of all this, we’re also preparing for the comeback, and JYP Nation.

We are all leading busy lives, for the sake of 2PM’s comeback.

We’re not appearing much? However, I promise that we will compensate for that by coming back with really great images.

Everyone, just in case you’ve forgotten my face, I’m leaving a photo before going to Japan.
What would have I filmed today, for what, and why??

We’re preparing gifts for you all as well, so please look forward to it~~^^ ㅋㅋ
I love you, HOTTEST jjang jjang ♥

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Our MC
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Dave Franco taking his profile picture for Tinder (x)

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get to know me meme: (3/12) favorite female biases » heo gayoon

"Since I started this career when I was younger, I haven’t been able to express my emotions well. I’m not talking about saying I like or hate something, not that kind of feelings. It’s deeper, for example when I feel like crying I just bear it instead, or when I’m really happy I bear it as well and don’t show it. During my trainee days, we had to show respect to seniors and we would often get scolded. It seems that without knowing, I learned how to bear and internalize my feelings. Our members think that holding tears back looks cool, but my mom thinks that it’s sad."

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